Edify, Educate and Encourage

All ministries are efforts to reach out to the community with activities that will edify, educate, encourage fellowship and most of all exalt Jesus Christ. We provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, and the study of God’s word to help us accomplish this goal.

Ministering to All

Our Ministries

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Administration Ministry

The Administration Ministry supports all ministries by performing common tasks with skill and efficiency.

Benevolence Ministry

The Benevolence Ministry provides help to members and others as needs arise.

Bridge Gapper Ministry

The Bridge Gapper Ministry consists of all Church of Christ members at Genessee Avenue who have not yet reached their 60th birthday.

Community Ministry

The Community Ministry helps the community at large in ways that can really make a difference to local families.

Education Ministry

The Education Ministry is responsible for Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening Bible Class activities.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry seeks to inform interested people and guide them in becoming members of the church.

Foundations For Families

Foundations For Families is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which leads a number of family related ministries designed to support families of both church members and the community.

Golden Wisdom Ministry

The Golden Wisdom Ministry consists of all Church of Christ members at Genessee Avenue and other community members aged 60 years and up.

Grace Food Pantry Ministry

The Grace Food Pantry Ministry is a partnership with FirstLink Columbus to supply nourishing food to needy community members.

Grant Funding Ministry

The Grant Funding Ministry searches for agencies and organizations offering grant money to churches or charitable ministries and organizations to complete projects.

Grief Support and Recovery Ministry

The Church of Christ at Genessee Avenue offers a Grief Support and Recovery Group which meets at the church building as needed.

Hospitality Ministry

In many homes, the central gathering place for family, friends, and visitors seems to be the kitchen, and it is no different with our church home.


The Genessee Avenue Justice Ministry seeks to serve, help, and assist those in our community who have been wronged, oppressed, or treated unfairly.


The Ladies Ministry is organized in a fellowship that seeks to support the leadership of our congregation by nurturing all women of the congregation.

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry supports strong Christian marriages by offering classes, seminars, fellowship events, and counseling to married and engaged couples.

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry uses technology to inform church members and the world of the Church of Christ at Genessee Avenue and our message of hope and salvation.
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Men's Ministry

The Media Ministry is a place for Christian Men to uplift, encourage, and educate one another in Truth.

Operations Ministry

The Operations Ministry is responsible for Finance, Building & Grounds, Transportation and Security.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry tends to the transportation needs of the congregation.

Vacation Bible School

The Vacation Bible School Ministry hosts a week-long learning event for children and adults during the summer.

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry is intended to give young adults who are out of high school, between the ages of 18 and 40, a closer relationship with the church, with Genessee family, with our ministries and with other young adults throughout the brotherhood.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is intended to give youth between the ages of 11 and 18 special consideration as they prepare to enter into a spiritual relationship with the church, with the Genessee family, with our ministries, and with other youth throughout the brotherhood.